Ambassador’s story Ⅰ

Wubuntu Advisor Mr. Marc-Rene Simon     

from Germany    

sharing some of the different paths 

they have taken in their careers, 

as well as advising those 

that are still to decide 

which path to take as they pursue their careers.

“When venturing into a business, 

one needs not be afraid or intimidated 

by what others think of their idea for business. 

Instead, a person should be open about their business ideas 

and ask what other people think regarding their idea. 

It is through such exchanges that a person can grow their idea 

by taking into consideration the opinions 

they get from other people”.

Wubuntu Ambassador Mama V, 

who has extensive experience working in 

different sectors such as academic institutions, 

non-profit organizations, 

as well as the private sector at different levels of authority. 

She wanted to know how one internationalises a business.